Wound Care

Our company is a well known provider of a broad range of high quality absorbent pads for every kind of dressings. They are designed to follow the growing trends of a dynamic and demanding market.
We are very proud to supply many important customers all over the world with our products; they are the best witness of our high reputation and reliability.

Our pad materials are based upon either the best medical grade fibres, with high absorbtion rates.
They can be laminated with a great number of materials and multiple layers in order to obtain the best performing composite.

Many types of films, non-adherent nets, soft surface materials, make the absorbent pads safe and comfortable. Water repellent barriers can prevent fluids exit.

High standards and accuracy of specifications and traceability, very accurate quality control place our wound pads at the best level of available products.

A strict control of our environmental conditions make our production facilities very safe and clean and the bacterial contamination perfectly managed.

These are some of our standard products:

  • A range of absorbent pads available in many weight and thickness combinations designed to meet all specifications.
  • Silicone coated pads
  • Anti-bacterial pad materials
  • Eye pad materials
  • Haemostatic pad materials
  • Silver coated pad materials
  • Aluminum coated pad materials
  • Dialysis pads
  • Metal detectable pad materials
  • Aloe coated pad materials
  • Zinc oxide coated pad materials
  • Double laminated materials for non-adhesive dressings and swabs
  • Undercast padding

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