Operating Theatre

The problems with dirt due to spreading liquids and disposables during surgical procedures, the cleaning tasks and turnover time, are nowadays very important and costly.

Our range of disposable covers prevent littering, improve the hygienic conditions and the turnover efficiency and safety, in such critical environments.

They stick to any floor surface, to the operating table or equipments, without snags and discomfort for the operators, being perfectly skidresistant.

They are easy to place and to remove, they do not need any taping or gluing. They can be disposed as any regular clinical waste.

They can absorb, very fast, great quantities of liquids and hold them, without any drip, and leaving a dry touch feel.

Our ClinMat® are thin and compact floormats for easy stepping and walking, without stumbling and slipping; without any liquids released regardless of their abundance.

They stick to any floor surface or equipments and keep the floor dry and clean.
They can be supplied in many sizes.

They are specially suitable for the following surgical procedures:

  • Orthopedics – Arthroscopy – Amputations
  • Trauma – Knee and shoulder surgery
  • Urology
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Gynaecology – Caesareans – Obstetric Surgery
  • General and abdominal surgery


ClinStand® products are thin and compact super absorbent covering sheets for the operating table or other surgical instruments. They do not need any tape to be fixed as they are provided with a self-adhering bottom layer that allows to place them on any surface and shape; and remove them as easily at the end of the procedure.

They are designed to absorb liquids in any great quantity, very rapidly, and leave the surface
net and clean.

They can be placed in contact with the patients.

They can be useful for any type of procedure.

The ClinLay® products are protecting sheets for the operating field and drapes reinforcement. They are very efficient and fast in absorbing any liquids, even when placed in vertical.
They can be useful for any type of procedure.

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